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Shopping Cart Emerald


Complete online shopping cart software designed to help selling and keep growing.


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3 online shop

500 products

45 Static Pages

SEO Intelligence™

The Shopping Cart Emerald package helps professional online traders to setup one or more online shops under a single account that significantly increasing your business potential.

“A 30 days FREE trial is offered. Our 24/7 support is there for your help”

The Benefits of creating online shop through The Shopping Cart Emerald package

Our shopping cart software has enviable features that enable your online shop to be among the best in the industry.

It not only helps you in setting up a stable and sure ecommerce system but also in running your online business efficiently and effectively.

Your site will run as www.yoursite.co.uk rather than yoursite.Shopsfinity.com

Shopping Cart Emerald Package Encompasses

  • Up to 3 Online shops created using your own domains
  • Unlimited Areas
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Up to 500 Products
  • 5GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Up to 45 Static Pages
  • 3 Website operator / Admin user
  • SEO Intelligence™
  • Discount Codes
  • Multi-Shipping Options
  • Email Marketing System
  • Live Chat for one site

Online Shop – Easy and Quick Setup

Your account is setup as soon as your order is received and detailed information is sent to you explaining a few easy and simple steps to setup your online shop.

You just have to prepare your product images, pricing structure and some information regarding your payment gateways.

Our support team will assist you through the whole process. For any query, dial us free on 1-800-708-1921 at anytime round the clock.

If our Shopping Cart Emerald Package does not fulfill your needs, we have a comparison table that highlights the main differences between our various packages for the ecommerce cart where you will find a package that will.

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  • Compliance with W3C and other Web standards
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