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Joomla Website Bundle


Perfect Customization to Deal with the Competitive World


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06 Custom Web Pages

Free Search Engine Submission

03 Custom Logo Design

Free Basic Stationery Design

When entering the competitive business world, things are a little complicated and challenging. At this time, even small solutions tend to make bigger differences by helping strategies to work out. What if we make your paramount business tool easy to use for you? Your website is your biggest communication and marketing tool, and our Joomla Silver package is aimed at providing Joomla sites that are not only easy to use but uniquely customized.

There are thousands of Joomla themes available. These Joomla themes should be customized in order to develop Joomla sites that are not only easy to use but help in building brand identity as well. The more your website is unique, the more it will help you stand out from your competitors.

Joomla sites turn out to be more productive if they carry unique identities, and logo design contributes in a big way. You’ll be provided with 3 custom logo design concepts to choose your desired logo from.

Joomla Website Bundle Package Encompasses:

  • Joomla CMS with Custom Web Page
  • 03 Custom Logo Design Concepts
  • 06 Custom Web Pages
  •  Free  Stationery Design (Letterhead, Cards, Envelope)
  •  Free  Search Engine Submission
  •  Free  Consultancy
  • 1 Form
  • Analytics Integration
  • Complete Ownership
  • 3 Days Turnaround time (web)
  • 3 Days Turnaround time (Logo)

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  • 100% Unique Design
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  • Microsoft Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • All designers are in house
  • High Quality Customer Services
  • Unbeatable Prices
  • Proven Quality Control
  • Compliance with W3C and other Web standards
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